WWX2015 Talk – The MOKICK Story

The World Wide Haxe Conference 2015 (WWX2015) is already over but had and huge impact on my understanding of the whole Haxe community. It was great to meet the people behind online avatars, talk to some of the super nerds and happily acknowledge that all of them are kind, helpful and good looking. 😉

I love the fact that Haxe can be used just as the perfect OOP-JavaScript alternative by “normal” web developers as well as (from my point of view) “hardcore” hardware near game developers for consoles.

We at Bayer und Preuss started using Haxe to target JavaScript and ActionScript in the first place, but now it’s obvious, that there are so much more benefits for our future. So we decided to tell our little story and future plans at the conference and share it with you. I’ll add the video and a transcript as soon as possible, but for now, here are my slides:

UPDATE – Video online:

Open slides in new window or just click through these:

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