Setting up my new MacBook Pro

A few days ago my new my new antiglare 15″ i7 MacBook Pro arrived and I decided to manually setup this new system. Rethinking everything is always a good opportunity to leave some old stuff behind.

Before I bought my first MacBook Pro in late 2006 I owned PCs only and so I still used Thunderbird on my Mac until now. But it wasn’t that easy to bring all my old local stored mails into Mail. It worked quite well but for some reasons it didn’t work for every folder. For example one folder contained 2364 emails but Mail was only importing 653. I tried it several times but I had to use my IMAP account to transfer these mails into this new environment. That took really a little while for several folders.

Maybe it’s not necessary but since my new user account uses the same username and password I had no problem to simply copy & paste data for Adium, Address Book, iCal, iPhoto, iTunes and Skype.

I also decided to upgrade or switch to newer software like OmniFocus, Parallels Desktop 5, Transmit and Versions. And of course a fresh version of FDT Enterprise is still my favorite application.

Luckily Adobe shipped the new Creative Suite 5 today and so hopefully there’s no need to install CS 4 products anymore.

My last step is refining my directory structure and then I’m looking forward to work with this machine for the next 3 or 4 years with hardware video encoding and 8 GB RAM.

But the biggest question is: Which sticker will I use to hide the big apple?

Update – 2011.09.15. Finally I made a decision:

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