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Since I’m diving deeper into Flash for iOS devices I strongly recommend to read Adobe’s Building ADOBE® AIR® Applications with the Packager for iPhone® guide or Flash Platform for iPhone.

Beside the know how of subscribing as a Apple developer, obtaining certificates and so on I think this informations are quite valuable but easy to forget:

iPhone icon and initial screen images

The iPhone adds a glare effect to the icon… To remove this default glare effect, add the UIPrerenderedIcon key to the InfoAdditions element in the application descriptor file…

All iPhone applications display an initial image while the application loads on the iPhone. You define the initial image in a PNG file named Default.png stored in the main development directory… The Default.png file is 320 pixels wide by 480 pixels tall, regardless of the initial orientation of the application or whether it is full-screen or not.

The iPhone displays its status bar over the 20 pixel-wide rectangle at the top or left of the default image.

For iPad support, you can define images for each supported initial orientation (Default-Portrait, Default-PortraitUpsideDown, Default-LandscapeLeft, Default-LandscapeRight.png)… Initial screen images for the iPad are 768 pixels wide and 1024 pixels high.

iPhone application settings

There must be way more settings than this:


Debugging an iPhone application

Debugging the iPhone App over Wi-Fi is possible and GPU rendering diagnostics can be activated at compile time.

Continue reading about more specific ActionScript notes here.

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  1. This doesn’t seem to be correct placement of that key node, at least in the latest Flash iOS packager build I’m getting an “unexpected key” error message.

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