Flash iOS packager update released!

Everything New in Adobe AIR 2.6 (read all on Christian Cantrells blog):

  • Asynchronous Bitmap Decoding
  • Owned Windows
  • Bitmap Capture in StageWebView
  • Microphone support on iOS
  • StageWebView on iOS
  • Multitasking on iOS
  • Retina Support on iOS
  • iOS Camera, CameraUI, and CameraRoll Support
  • Improved hardware acceleration on iOS
  • PFI is now ADT
  • Configurable panning with soft keyboard activation
  • Programmatic control of the display of the on-screen keyboard
  • Support for the Amazon Android Market (more info)
  • Vector printing on Linux
  • Native cursor support
  • On-device debugging over USB (Android only)
  • Native Menu event refinement
  • Enhanced text support on Android
  • NetConnection.httpIdleTimeout
  • Bundled Android USB drivers on Windows
  • Support for the vipaccess:// URI
  • -version flag for ADT

Get runtime and get SDK.

Video – developing for iOS with AIR for mobile 2.6/

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