Safari Flash Player detection problems with ClickToFlash

I really like the concept of blocking Flash, mainly because I don’t see these unwanted, crappy developed Flash adds sucking performance, but also because it’s a nice way to recognise Flash parts in websites. You’ll have your own reasons.

Safari is, except for testing purposes, my browser of choice, but I was having trouble on different websites accessing Flash content because the Flash plugin was not detected correctly. Since I had to update the Flash Player on my system again, I decided to figure out what the problem is.

According to an older Flash Player version – MAC 10,0,45,0 – was found first, then the display switched to my installed Flash version – MAC 10,3,181,14 (Debug player).

I used the Flash Player Uninstaller but Flash Player version MAC 10,0,45,0 was still displayed in Safari.

After some research I figured out that ClickToFlash doesn’t display the correct Flash Player version and therefore doesn’t work in all Flash detection scripts. Just check Safari - Help - Installed Plugins and search for "Flash" and you’ll see that ClickToFlash simulates somehow an outdated Flash Player version (seems to be hardcoded).

So until ClickToFlash will be updated displaying the correct installed Flash Player version I’ll use AdBlock For Safari. More Flash but less problems – hopefully. 🙂

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