Adobe Tech Summit 2011 Berlin Notes

Currently I’m all day long busy learning more about JavaScript, webkit, iOS, web apps, browser differences and all the HTML 5 stuff while porting our SCORM based e-learning runtime. That kept me from following Adobe MAX and all the news regarding it so I took the opportunity to catch up a little bit by spending a whole day at Adobe Tech Summit 2011 Berlin (german). So here I’m simply sharing my notes:

CSS / HTML / JavaScript

Have a look at Adobe Edge at Adobe Labs. It seems to be a really helpful CSS/JavaScript animation tool and also a good research base for tweaks Adobe uses to be as cross browser as possible. If I understood Mark Enders right, Adobe Edge currently doesn’t use CSS transform for animations but for enabling hardware acceleration by just setting transformZ. If that works I’ll also use this approach.

Check out jQueryMobile and it’s virtual mouse events in particular. We had trouble with the onclick event on iOS so I need more information on that.

Just some links worth having a look at (again): Adobe Creative Cloud, Typekit, PhoneGap, The Expressive Web. Follow Paul Rouget and his work on the upcoming Mozilla Dev Tools and it’s really great features.

AIR / Flash / Flex

We all know Stage3D and hope to get it on devices soon, but for now we can look forward to Adobe Flex SDK 4.6 which includes a set of touch device components that will help to create touch AIR apps in almost no time. Native extensions for AIR 3.0 will also improve development for touch devices since we can then access every native device functionality. But for now we can at least develop hardware accelerated 2D stuff for the desktop using the Starling framework

Have fun coding!

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