Adobe AIR, Flash Player and SWF versions

List of all versions:

AIR Flash Player SWF
1.5 | 2.0 10.0 | 10.1 10
2.6 10.2 11
2.7 10.3 12
3.0 11.0 13
3.1 11.1 14
3.2 11.2 15
3.3 11.3 16
3.4 11.4 17
3.5 11.5 18
3.6 11.6 19
3.7 11.7 20
3.8 11.8 21
3.9 11.9 22
4.0 12 23
13 13 24
14 14 25
15 15 26

Compiler Arguments:

  • Flash Player: –target-player=11.7
  • SWF: -swf-version=20

Release Notes:

This post will get updates! 🙂

Gone In 60 Frames Per Second: A Pinterest Paint Performance Case Study

Gone In 60 Frames Per Second: A Pinterest Paint Performance Case Study

Today we’ll discuss how to improve the paint performance of your websites and Web apps. This is an area that we Web developers have only recently started looking at more closely, and it’s important because it could have an impact on your user engagement and user experience.

Nice summary on Smashing Magazine!

Personal notes on beyondtellerrand 2013

Wow, what a great conference! Last week I attended the new beyondtellerand conference 2013. I was so impressed by most of the speakers, the fabulous venue and again the supernice people I met.

Marc Thiele (@marcthiele) did an incredible good job in creating a really comfortable and friendly atmosphere at the main location Capitol Theater. I could write a lot about it but if you really wanna get a feeling for how polished everything was I recommend watching last years 3 minute recap at Vimeo.

Even I went to the pre-conference warm up in a brewery called “Zum Schlüssel“, I made it to the kick off talk next morning. 😉 Jeremy Keith (@adactio) took a look beyond the edge of the plate and pointed out why digital preservation and the web with it’s URLs is so necessary! Indiewebcamp, Longnow, Longbets and Zooniverse are just a few organizations already thinking in a long term scale. I found another but similar 15 minutes Jeremy Keith talk on YouTube. Watch it!

While most of the talks adressed web technologies, Kate Kiefer Lee (@katekiefer) gave us some deep insights into optimizing MailChimps company voice and how important that is. is defenitly a must read if you run your own business or website!

Aaron Gustafson (@aarongustafson), writer of the book Adaptive Web Design introduced progressive enhancement and came up with the idea of retina image support opt out. A good one if your’re on a slow mobile connection.

First and foremost topic was web development with responsive design and the need for web designers to do most layout directly as HTML / CSS prototypes for immediate and better customer feedback on any screen size. Structure first! Photoshop files are not the right tool to define a design across all different use cases. And never design for a specific device – the web will exist longer than iPhones.

I was happy to have japanese lunch with Blain Cook (@blaine), Chris Heilmann (@codepo8) (who had a nifty Firefox OS Keon phone in his pocket) and Josh Brewer (@jbrewer), the guy who received standing ovations for his 45 minutes guitar concert. Wow!

I’ll definitely consider Harry Roberts (@csswizardry) CSS architecture, naming conventions, smacss and inuitcss/. Great help!

Atomic Design was Brad Frosts (@brad_frost) talk about HTML / CSS architecture and we laughed a lot about his introduction to pattern lab. Very entertaining!

Sadly I missed half of James Victores talk but it must have been really inspiring!

In the end just some links you and I should check:, and for the complete speaker list, videos, slides and more informations!

And don’t forget: “Always ask for more!”

[Update – collected talks]
Brad Frost – Atomic Design (on Vimeo)
Jeremy Keith – Beyond Tellerrand (on Vimeo)
Josh Brewer – Photoshop you are a liar (on Vimeo)

Accessing XML attribute named “type” using jQuery.attr() broken on IE 7

I ran into an issue with jQuery 1.10.1 on IE 7. Accessing the XML attribute named “type” with $.attr( “type” ) throws an error in the new function interpolationHandler(); Here’s a little test HTML document:

<!DOCTYPE html><html><head></head><body>
<!--jQuery 1.10.1 in IE 7 throws SCRIPT450 (wrong number of arguments) error in function interpolationHandler(){}-->
<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    var xmlString = '<list><item type="type-a" other="other-a"/><item type="type-b" other="other-b"/></list>';
    var xml = $.parseXML( xmlString );
    $( xml).find( "item" ).each( function() {
        // Always works
        var otherValue = $(this).attr( "other" );
        alert( otherValue );
        // jQuery 1.10.1 in IE 7 throws SCRIPT450 (wrong number of arguments) error in function interpolationHandler(){}
        var typeValue = $(this).attr( "type" );
        alert( typeValue );

Bug report on jQuery bug tracker:


Start Google Chrome with local file access on Mac OS X

Debugging local contents with Google Chrome on Mac OS X can be hard since local file access is disabled by default.

Enabling local file access is a simple terminal command. So just open your terminal anywhere, make sure Google Chrome is currently not running, copy paste this line and hit enter:

open /Applications/Google\ --args --allow-file-access-from-files

Using Google Chrome Canary is also possible:

open /Applications/Google\ Chrome\ --args --allow-file-access-from-files

File XMLHttpRequest can also be enabled in Opera visiting opera:config#UserPrefs|AllowFileXMLHttpRequest